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Jual Hand Operated Bucket Pump Model 67 – Melancon

Product Description

Hand Operated Bucket Pump – Model # 67 :

The Melancon Model # 67 is a rugged 15,000 psi Bucket Pump.  It is ideal for valve lubrication in the field, when an air supply is not available.  Equipped with a 15,000 psi hand pump, canister, 10’ grease hose, 15,000 psi liquid filled gauge with cover, swivels, spring  loaded follower plate, pressure release and W-2 safety adapter for safe valve lube sealant injection.  A giant button head coupler is included.  It delivers approximately 1/16 oz. per stroke.  For best results, we recommend bulk loading the canister form a 5 gallon pail.  Fully loaded, this unit weighs approximately 35 lbs. NOTE: The Melancon 67 is comparable to the Cameron or WKM model K065189. The model 67 is a compact / Cut-down version, allowing for easier usage in the field.

Note: Please specify a bulk product, when ordering valve lube sealant for use with this pump. The Follower Plate can be cut to fit either 10 lb. cans or Bulk filled from a 5 Gallon pail.

Examples:  94-S-10 or VPX-10 for 10 lb. cans or 90HT-S-40 for Bulk Filling the Bucket Pump from a 40 lb. / 5 Gallon Pail.